We respect and extol the flavour of the products of our land
with classic and modern techniques

El Campero cuisine combine recipes more traditional of Barbate’s gastronomy, such as atún encebollado (tuna cooked with onions) or marinated tuna, with new techniques and cutting-edge recipes. But whether it is a modern or traditional recipe, in El Campero we stand up for a simple cuisine, that keeps the flavour of the raw material, that combine flavours, that be a surprise.

Julio José Vázquez

Our cuisine is the result of a studied balance between gastronomy and design
but based on the tradition and it is made always with products of high quality.

Almadraba’s Wild Tuna

Wild Red tuna has an unforgettable flavor because of its juicy and tasty meat it is not lost on the palate. It is one of those dishes that are on the coast of Cadiz. Between April and June they cross the Mediterranean to spawn, and it is just then that their capture is allowed.